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A Stoma is an artificially created opening in the abdominal wall for the evacuation of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract or urine when normal function is no longer possible. People with a stoma usually wear a disposable bag (known as an appliance) over the stoma attached to the abdomen to catch output.

The most common types of stoma are Colostomy (where the stoma is formed from the large intestine), Ileostomy (where the stoma is formed from the small intestine), and Urostomy also known as an Ileil Conduit (for the evacuation of urine from the kidneys).

The Stoma Appliance Scheme is a specialised pharmaceutical benefits programme administered through the Australian Government Department of Health.

The scheme provides free ostomy appliances to Australian Medicare card holders who meet eligibility criteria. See here for more information about the Stoma Appliance Scheme.

Persons wishing to access free appliances through the Stoma Appliance Scheme must be a member of one of the 21 National Associations located throughout Australia and pay a compulsory annual Stoma Appliance Scheme Access (SAS) Fee.

The SAS Fee is an annual amount set by the Department of Health for access to the Stoma Appliance Scheme. The SAS Access Fee is a compulsory fee and is payable once per financial year upon lodgement of the first request for supply of ostomy products through the scheme for that financial year.

The fee is to be paid to the Stoma Association where a member usually obtains their stoma-related products.

Free ostomy supplies are available through the Stoma Appliance Scheme from The Ileostomy Association of South Australia Inc. or one of the other 20 Stoma Associations located around Australia.

Members of the scheme pay a compulsory fee of $60 ($50 for valid concession card holders) to their association of choice to access the scheme.

For details about the location of other Associations can be found through this link.

The Association has the services of qualified Stomal Therapy nurses at our office on Tuesdays of each week between 10 AM and 2.30 PM.

This service is available by appointment at a cost of $20 to members.

Note that the full cost of this service is subsidised by the Association for each member using the service.

If you are experiencing problems with your stoma, we advise you to make an appointment with the nurses at the Association (phone 8234 2678) or contact your regular Stomal Therapy Nurse or General Practitioner.

In case of emergency, please contact the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital.

Stoma appliance requirements can be ordered online through this website.

You must logon to access the ordering facilities by clicking on the Logon link on the top right side of the Association’s main page.

Logging on requires a user id and password. If you do not have a user id, please contact the Association office.

When you log on you will be able to order your stoma appliance items and other associated payable items.

Quantities of stoma appliance items required must conform to the monthly supply quantities allowed by the Stoma Appliance Scheme.

The ordering process will ensure that supply requirements are adhered to.

The last step in the ordering process requires any associated charges to be paid for using Bpay, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or bank Transfer.

Charges could include postage charges if you require your order to be posted or costs of payable items.

Obtaining quantities in excess of monthly allowances requires a medical certificate on the prescribed form completed and signed by your Stomal Therapist or Doctor.

For online ordering of additional quantities, the signed medical certificate will have to be scanned and uploaded to the website.

If certificate cannot be uploaded, an online order can only be completed for the standard allowance.

The additional quantities specified on the medical certificate will be posted to you when the paper certificate is received at the Association Office.

Additional stoma appliance items can be purchased at the price the Association pays for the items.

If ordering online, then the ordering process will request the correct amount to be paid.

For information on living with a stoma

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