Distribution and Supplies through IASA


Collecting your Supplies

When visiting the Distribution Centre, please fill out an order form for all your required products, completing all sections on the order form (or bring a completed one with you)

  1. your personal information,
  2. the brand, product number, size and quantity of appliances/seals you require for the month (this is where the record of your usual supplies on the card come in handy),
  3. any pharmaceuticals you require (back of form).

Once your order form is completed, proceed to the counter where a volunteer staff member will fill your request for your monthly supply.

Don’t forget – before you leave to re-order your appliances or speciality products for the next time you visit.


Getting started

We can only issue your supplies one month at a time until you have been a members for over 6 months. Then we can issue you 2 months supplies.

This is due to changes in your stoma size that may occur in the first 6 months. For more information, please speak with your Stomal Therapy Nurse or Doctor.

Need more?

If you find that your monthly quantities are not enough, please seek advice from your Stomal Therapy Nurse or Doctor.

There may be a need to alter the products you use or provide you with a Medical Certificate to receive more supplies per month.

Out of stock?

Occasionally it happens that stock is not available when expected, due to supply problems, shipping delays and so on. 

You are welcome to call us before heading to the Distribution Centre to ensure your products have arrived for pick up.


Distribution of your supplies

Distribution Times

Monday: 12pm – 2pm
Tuesday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesday: 12pm – 2pm
Thursday: 10am – 2pm
Friday: 12pm – 2pm

December & January
Please refer to the newsletter for opening times near Christmas and the New Year period.

Office Hours

If distribution times are unsuitable to your needs, please arrange to pick up your order during office hours (preferably not on Monday or Wednesday morning).

Monday to Friday
10am – 2pm
(except public holidays)

Getting to us

There is on street parking for cars and there is public transport (bus) from the city.

Bus J1 leaves from Currie Street. Alight at Stop 5C on Sir Bradman Drive. Turn right into Bagot Ave. and proceed approximately 300m to Roebuck Street.

Our Distribution Centre is the first building from the corner.


Postal Orders

We offer a postal service for members who are unable to attend the Distribution Centre.

When you send in your completed order form for your monthly supplies, please include the postage fee of:

  • $15 (GST incl.) 1 months supplies Australia wide
  • $20 (GST incl.) 2 months supplies Australia wide

We take cash, cheque or money orders as well as VISA or MasterCard for Postal fees.

Please make money orders or cheques payable to:
Ileostomy Association South Australia Inc.


Helpful hints:

~ When you are collecting your supplies from the Distribution Centre, you do not need to post your order form, just bring it with you when you collect your goods.

~ If it is the first time you are collecting, please phone the Association to make sure the appliances you require have been ordered .

This function has been disabled for Ileostomy Association of South Australia Inc.

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