Fri 25 Aug 2023 [11:50]

From 1st October 2023, the allowance for Skin Cleanser Wipes will change under the Stoma Appliance Scheme. This is a decision by the National Stoma Product Assessment Panel.

Allowance for these products will ONLY be supplied after an authorised assessment and completion of an R1 form. This form can ONLY be completed by an authorised health professional and needs to be renewed 6 monthly. The form can be downloaded from Department of Health and Aged Care website:

The new monthly maximum quantity is 60 wipes.

If an R1 form cannot or will not be obtained, Amanda our Stomal Therapy Nurse has recommended the following alternatives available from local supermarkets or chemists.

Water Wipes

Huggies 99% Water

Rascal + Friends H2O